Career development initiatives aimed at supporting your academic career. 

Currently under development, this is the conceptual framework of a career development initiative aimed at providing key foundational knowledge and skills training for early career scientists interested in pursuing a longterm academic career. As this concept is a work in progress, your input is highly appreciated. Please take one of our surveys to provide your feedback and suggestions: 

Academic Career Development

Data Analysis & Programming

For PhD Students

A series of short-term training courses aimed at providing PhD students with a foundational knowledge in data analysis and programing. These intensive training courses are intended to take place over the course of a 1-2 week period for the planned subject areas: 

  • Statistics 
  • Matlab
  • Database analysis (ie pubmed, structural databases)
  • Programming with Python

Research Management

For PostDocs

A series of management training courses designed to support postdocs who want to transition to a group leader or faculty position.  We are aiming to offer certificate course taught by licensed professionals. These extended courses are designed to be taught over a 2-year period in order to accommodate the average postdoc work schedule. We hope to offer the following courses:

  • Project management
  • Grant writing
  • Data management
  • Laboratory management
  • Budget management


Career Talks
Monthly talks aimed at promoting scientific exchange and career advice. 

  • Bi-monthly talks given by career professionals in / or related to the field of neuroscience. (6 per year)
  • Bi-monthly talks given by local PostDocs within the neuroscience community. (6 per year)

Semi-annual networking party
For early careers scientists (master’s / graduate students and postdocs) occurring 2 twice a year alternating between the Niederrad and Riedberg Campuses.

Specialized Training and Teaching Initiative

A neuroscience training and teaching program designed to be a mutually beneficial scientific exchange between PostDocs and PhD students. Conceptually, this will be a series of field specific lectures and/or specialized training courses offered by PostDocs for PhD Students. This will provide PostDocs with the opportunity to receive teaching credits, which can fulfill the teaching requirements of a future group leader or faculty position. Simultaneously, PhD students will have the opportunity gain expert knowledge from local scientists, which they can directly apply towards their respective PhD projects. All teaching and training courses will be organized via the GRADE Brain center.

GRADE Brain Lectures | 1-2hr lectures given by PostDocs and senior level PhD students. To accommodate the schedules of both PostDocs and PhD students, it has been requested that lectures be offered on Campus Niederrad and Riedberg.

Summer schools | 2-3 week intensive advance training courses offered during the summer months.  Although specific topics have not been decided yet, there have been requests for classes in electrophysiology and microscopy. 

Young Investigators Colloquium (YIC Talks) | Currently taking taking place, this is a fall and winter semester speaker series for PhDs and PostDocs to share their research with the local community. YIC talks are organized by the the Interdisciplinary Center for Neuroscience (ICNF). Please contact Dr. Tijana Radic for more details and to schedule a talk.