Frankfurt University has a centralized academy for structured doctoral and postdoctoral education, called the Goethe Research Academy for Early Career Researchers or GRADE. The aim of GRADE is to provide series of workshops and programs offering trainings in transferable skills, counseling, social events, and more for early career researchers. 

GRADE Brain: Structured Training for the Neuroscience Community in Frankfurt

GRADE Brain offers a structured, interdisciplinary training for PhD students and postdocs, building on the expertise in neurosciences of six faculties of Goethe University Frankfurt as well as of several institutions such as the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, and the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies and the Ernst Strüngmann Institute, all united in the Interdisciplinary Center for Neuroscience Frankfurt (ICNF).

The integration into interdisciplinary networks allows PhD students and postdocs to complement disciplinary perspectives by dealing with topics covering the different levels of neuroscience from single genes or molecules via cells to cellular networks and behavior. These topics require different techniques of molecular biology, systems neurobiology, cognitive neuroscience and clinical research as well as computational neuroscience and neurotechnology. As it is not possible to become an expert in all these areas, it is essential to provide basic knowledge in many of these areas and to teach how to communicate effectively between the different fields.