The Science Innovation Union (SIU) is a non-profit organization led by graduates, post-graduates and young professionals. Our core focus is to provide a first of its kind globally interconnected communication, networking and training platform for scientists. We want to promote entrepreneurship, inspire innovation and encourage the translation of science into real-world solutions. Our network consists of over 5000 early career scientists located through out Europe and the US. Network members are supported by SIU's four operational arms: Events & Networking, Communications, Education, and Editorials. These four arms work together to engage people from diverse backgrounds working in academia, industry, and government to discuss the current trends and innovations in science. 

Four Arms

SIU-Frankfurt Division

We are an independent local training and networking translational platform led by early career scientists and entrepreneurs in Frankfurt. With close ties to Industry and the academic community, we aim to bridge the knowledge and science translation gap between these communities. We want to inspire science innovation by promoting translation of science into real world solutions. Within Frankfurt, we are actively working to provide the early career scientists of this community unique, services, opportunities and experiences to fulfill this mission. This includes, workshops and events, soft skills training programs such mock interviews and CV support, as well as hands-on training projects and bio-entrepeneurship support. Visit our social media pages to learn more and how you can participate. 

Life Beyond The Bench

With an international network of 5,000 highly skilled early career scientists, we offer you the opportunity to become globally connected. Network members benefit from exclusive industry connections, training course, and other programs to help boost your career.