Steering Group Representatives
Volunteer PhDs and PostDocs, responsible for establishing and organizing key aspects of GRADE Brain Center activities.

PhD & PostDoc Representatives  
PhDs and PostDocs representatives for each of the departments, institutes, and networks associated with GRADE Brain.

Join the Grade Brain Mailing List

The mailing list for young researchers at the Interdisciplinary Center for Neuroscience Frankfurt (izn-doc) will be used for communication in the GRADE Brain community. Join the izn-doc list to get information about important key updates related to the organization of GRADE Brain and future planned activities specifically targeting the neuroscience community. We promise not to spam you!




Steering Group representatives 

The current steering group representatives have self-elected themselves to help organize GRADE Brain activities on a voluntary basis. The organizational roles of the steering group will be announce after our 1st meeting. If you would like to join this steering group, please email Dr. Axel Kohler of GRADE Brain. 



Coordinator Position

Anna D’Errico

PostDocs Teaching 

Alexander Bird


Iris Grothe

Alumni Talks 

Mareike Flögel

Soft Skills Training Course

Frederike Klein


LaShae Nicholson

GRADE Brain Coordinator


PhD & PostDoc representatives 

PhD and PostDoc associations are self-organized by members of the respective department or research institute. If your department doesn't have association its up to you to initiate your own with the support of your peers. Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) 

Alexander Birdalex.neurosci@gmail.comPostDoc
Iris Grotheiris.grothe@esi-frankfurt.dePostDoc

Frankfurt Institute for Advance Sciences (FIAS) 

Sascha Vogelsvogel@fias.uni-frankfurt.dePostDoc
Fabian Hofmannhofmann@fias.uni-frankfurt.dePhD Student
Diyuan Luelu@fias.uni-frankfurt.dePhD Student
Bettina Heinhein@fias.uni-frankfurt.dePhD Student

Interdisciplinary Center for Neuroscience in Frankfurt (ICNF)

Ximena Salinas-Hernándezximena.icaria@stud.uni-frankfurt.dePhD Student
Susanne Bablebabl@em.uni-frankfurt.dePhD Student

  Max Planck Institute for Brain Research (MPI BR)

Allesandra Motta alessandro.motta@brain.mpg.dePhD Student
Belen Pardi postdoc.representatives@brain.mpg.dePostDoc
Julio Perez postdoc.representatives@brain.mpg.dePostDoc
Paul Donlin-Asp postdoc.representatives@brain.mpg.dePostDoc
Vidhya Rangaraju postdoc.representatives@brain.mpg.dePostDoc

Max Planck Institute for Biophyics (MPI Bphy)

Ahmadreza Mehdipour       ahmadreza.mehdipour@biophys.mpg.dePostDoc
Emanuele Rossini       emanuele.rossini@biophys.mpg.dePostDoc
Katrin Reichel       katrin.reichel@biophys.mpg.dePhD student

  Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics (MPI AE)

Ilkay Isik       ilkay.isik@aesthetics.mpg.dePhD Student


Fabio Satori     fabio.sartori@brain.mpg.dePhD Student
Anna D’Errico     anderric@biophys.mpg.dePostDoc