The Deutsche Neurowissenschaften Olympiade e.V (DNO e.V.) is a non-profit organization, which organises neuroscience competitions and educational activities, providing a neuroscience outreach and educational platform for high school students. The work of DNO e.V. is supported by dedicated students, scientists, and teachers volunteers working at Germany’s top universities and research institutions.

We aim to reach and teach young students about neuroscience in fun yet challenges ways, giving them a foundation of scientific inquiry at the beginning of their careers. Its our goal to inspire young students to become creative scientists, motivated to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and research to discover, treat, cure, and prevent neurological diseases. 

Join our DNO Family!

Our team in Frankfurt is looking for new members! Last year we had a year of amazing success. DNO, as an organisation, wrote a neuroscience study guide (only one of its kind in Germany) and hosted 130 students for it’s neuroscience competitions, with Germany winning 4th place at the World Brain Bee championships. We also support students to attend international conferences and research internships, as well as supporting many university applications. All this, and many more, good news has many organisations investing in our program to help it grow bigger in Germany.

If you are curious about us, visit our website at or have a look at our attached flyer. 

Want to join DNO? It’s easy, just email one of our local team leaders join our team. 

 Why become part of our team!

The membership of DNO is an international mix of university and PhD students as well as PostDocs with backgrounds representing the diversity of neuroscience. However, we are also an awesome, dedicate, and driven group connect by our shared love of teaching the next generation of neuroscientists. DNO offers the opportunity for you to engage in science outreach by translating your knowledge and work into fun and creative learning tools for high school students. Additionally, due to our partnerships with SfN, FENS, NWG, EMBL and other neuroscience networks, DNO is a great way for you to connect with other scientists within Germany as well as internationally.